60 Long French Tip Nails Trends and Ideas for the best designs

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Long nails or beautiful, but Long French Tip Nails or amazing, so if you’re like me, then you’ll want to try out every nail design you can, so I made this list of some really cute Long French Tip Nails.

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Get the top French nails design idea and see just how stunning French tip nails will look on your fingers. These are all A-grade French designs long and cute with multicolor and multi designs.

Finding the right nail design, then, creating the look that you want, isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but French tips take all the hard work away and leave you with something beautiful.

Long French Tip Nails

French manicure is an old favorite, this nail design is lovely as you can see this is why French tips have been one of the top nails design and it is keeping its title.

French tips come in many designs and nail shapes so you can get French tip nails in every nail polish look and design that is possible.

This is my list of gorgeous French manicures and nail art designs long and stunning.

Red French Tips Long Manicure

French tips come in many great designs for the nail shape, here is a stunning red French tip design for triangle-long coffin nails.

You have never seen long nails until you have seen these beautiful Red Long French Tip Nails, and you know that they or perfect for Valentine, so try them out.

Long French Tip Nails


Colorful Long French Nails

Let’s talk about red, pink, orange, blue, and purple multicolor French tip nails. Nails polish comes in many colors, but I can bet you have never seen French tip designs with multi-color.

With all the colors of the rainbow at the tip of this nail art, your nails will stay beautiful.

Multi color French Tip Nails

Long French Tip Nails Coffin Shaped

Get this gorgeous orange nail polish color on your French tip designed nails, beautiful nail polish like this comes on many press-on French tip designs.

Say hello to these beautiful Long Orange French Tip Coffin Nails, they are just perfect.

long french tip nails coffin

Blue Rounded Long French Tips

French tip nails come in many designs and shapes but the colors have always been gorgeous, let’s check out this rounded French tip blue nail design.

Go in style with these blue curved French tip nails, they can make anyone feel and look amazing, and the blue color is simply gorgeous.

Blue Nails with french tip

Bright Yellow French Tip Nails with Silver Designs

Yellow and gold make for a unique blend, but a pleasant blend that I welcome because it’s not every day you see two gorgeous colors like this come together.

I have always been a fan of gold are silver and this silver strict around the start of the French tip design is just a stunning design concept.

Colors like yellow, blue, and so on are solid colors, that make for an interesting design look.

Long Yellow French tip Nails color


Green Triangle French Tip Acrylic Nails

These solid colors are a welcome addition, bright green triangle long French nails look fabulous. It’s great to see different shade nail tips.

There are good reasons to wear nail colors like this and get a French tip design with a combination of colors like this.

Green design for french tip nails

Green French Tips with Glitter Design

Two colors design French coffin glitter nails green and gold glitter design, beautiful and elegant. This is a fabulous nails design idea and it’s very simple.

All you get is the nail polish color and glitter to give the nail the look and feel with the French tips.

Green with glitter medium nails tips

Long French Design Pink Nails

Looking for a great choice of nail color and design, then why not try out these beautiful pink French tips for long gorgeous acrylic nails.

Pink nails have always been one of my favorite color choices, but with a French tip design, you get something like this. Pink Nails Are Wow So Cute

Pink Nails Are Wow So Cute

Cute Red French Tips Long Acrylic Nails

There are different colors of red, so it is a good idea to know what shade of red you want for your French tips.

I love the nail tips color look and design. This is why French tip nails and colors create a good-looking nail.

bright pink nails

White French Oval Tips Nails Long

Some of the best Acrylic nails start off with white base nail polish colors, This white French tip is a good choice because you can add the design of two multicolors to the white base color.

Long French nails can have a lot of great designs on the base color, this is a great way to give our long French tip nails different designs and colors.

long white tip nails design

Black V Cut French Tip Nails

Nail designs come in many different shapes and sizes, but v-cut French tips have a special place on my nails that I just need to have them.

Black is also a very diverse color because black nail polish can be used for formal occasions to casual settings. You can even wear black nails to weddings.

black tip french nails

Design for Long French Tip Nails

Light baby pink French tips with flowers and silver rhinestones. It’s amazing how pink nails with floral design can give French tips this beautiful look. Rhinestones are diamonds that will also give a gorgeous look to your French tip nails designs.

design for french tip nails

Designs on French Tip Nails

Lace designs will look great on just about any nail design, but I can bet you will never find a more beautiful white French tip lace design. These rhinestone white floral lace wedding French tips will be a great choice for weddings are dinners.

designs on french tip nails

French Tip Nails Acrylic

Black line French tips design, These are a great Halloween choice, a beautiful creepy nun nail with black nail polish idea. Stunning white and black lined pointed French tips.

french tip nails acrylic

Coffin Black Glitter French Tip Nails

Keeping up with the black French design we have this beautiful coffin nail shape with stunning glitter painted on the beautiful black Triangled design French tip nails.

Long French Tip Nails 17

White Long French Tip Nails Designs

When you wear white nails you can get away with almost anything, This is a beautiful long white French design with sugar nails sweat, and cute all in one place.

Sugar nail designs come in many flavors and this Diamond design white sugar design is lovely.

acrylic nails designs long

White Square Long French Tip Nails

Square-long nails have always looked amazing and this is a prime example of what a gorgeous square-long nail can look like. This white nail only has a French tip design but with the nail shape, you get something that is as beautiful as this.

fat tip french nails

French White Tip Nails

French tips can be done on any nail shape this is another example of what French tips can look like on different nail shapes.

French Tip Nails with Design

Coffin White French Tip Nails with Rhinestones

This is how you create a unique-looking design with rhinestones and French tip nails. Check out this stunning simple white coffin with French tips with rhinestones at the start of the tips, simple and beautiful.

Coffin French Tip Nails

Long Green Coffin Nail Classic French Manicure

Get in with the in and try out these stunning simple long green French manicure designs. This green nail polish is beautiful and a great look for St Patrick’s Day.

Long tip Nails with green nail polish french

White Floral Long French Tip Nails

Pink, blue, yellow, and green are all the gorgeous colors of summer flowers that will turn your nails into a flower dream. Get the most out of your French design and show off summer flowers like this when you design your long nails.

White Floral Long French Tip Nails

Black French tips with Silver Rhinestones and star design

Creating a classy elegant look French tip design in a beautiful acrylic nail polish shade like black will turn out looking like this.

The black in itself is a stunning look but with the red star, you get something that is not only elegant but also has a little flare to the overall design.

Long Black Pink Rhinestones Star French Tip Nails

Long Blue Coffin-Shaped French Tips with Eyeball Design

Coffin nails with stunning blue acrylic nail polish, blue is a very popular color especially when done right. This is a great example of what blue French tips should look like.

These are amazing ideas to create stunning long nails using French design.

Long Blue Ocean French Tip Nails

Pink and White Long French Tip Nails with Bunny and Rhinestone Design

French tips come in many designs, look at this beautiful bunny’s long rhinestone white and pink nails, it’s not a simple design but it’s stunning and will be a great look for easter are Halloween.

Long Pink and white bunny French Tip Nails

Long Manicure Purple with sugar glitter and rhinestones design

Everyone has their own style when it comes to nail manicures and this beautiful long purple design looks good. This is a long elegant purple nails design with French tips that are perfect for multiple occasions.

Long French Tip Nails

Flowers Long French tip nails Light baby pink nail polish

Gurly cute and pink that’s how I feel looking at French tips like this. The overall floral design with the long French tip nails also has a cute style to the nail.

Baby Pink Long French Tip Nails

Orange and white Long French Tip Swirl Nails

Swirl bright and orange what more do you really want, this is how tropical nails are meant to look. Loving the overall design and look.

Orange and White Long French Tip Nails

Long French Tip Nails Blue Star and Cherry Nails Design

Cherry and blue on the same nails, you might never know what you’re getting when you get creative with French tips. Cute blue long cherry nails.

Blue Cherry Long French Tip Nails

Blue French tip with Gold Strick

Light baby blue will always be a nice color especially when you use it as nail polish, this is a really cute look for swirl nails done in a French tip design flair. This is a good nail design when you have to go to a baby shower is something light.

Blue Cute Long French Tip Nails

White and Blue long French Tip nails with Rhinestones

Adding little dots Flair to a Long nails design is something we all try to do. I know for myself I do these DIY at home and they always turn out nice. This is a stunning blue and white French tip nail design long and cute to try.

Blue and white Square Long French Tip Nails

Green oval-shaped French design with pink cherry tree

French tip designs can go on any nail shapes an oval shape nail is a great fake nail to add cute designs to. This is a very colorful green and pink French tip-designed nail with pink flowers.

These nails design will be a great stunning look for St Patrick’s Day are spring.

Green and Pink Floral Long French Tip Nails

Lovely purple Long French tip nails

Purple is a gorgeous color but I haven’t seen a lot of purple nails and I am not sure why, anyways here is a great example of how beautiful purple long French tip nails can look and this show gives you an idea of how you can use purple nail polish to design and create your own.

Purple Long French Tip Nails

Sugar Glitter Long Blue Nails with Creative Design Ideas

Sugar glitter come in a lot of different colors and sugar glitter is a great way to turn up your nail design.

This is a stunning creative idea of how to use sugar glitter and get beautiful long French tip nails, I enjoy looking at this fun cute design.

Blue Sagur Long French Tip Nails

Simple Beautiful Sugar Pink Long Nails

Everyone has their own favorite color and if I’m going to use sugar glitter ill be using pink as my first choice. Check out how gorgeous this long sugar glitter pink nail with floral design looks.

Pink sugar glitter just has a beautiful appeal to it and it goes great with the long French tip nails design.

Sugar Pink Long French Tip Nails

Star Pink Oval shaped French Tip Design

I have a lot of stunning long French tips but this is a cute simple star design that you can recreate and use as 4th of July nails are Halloween star nails its really up to you and how you use these nails.

Star Long French Tip Nails

Gold and blue Oval Shaped French Tips

Blue gold oval long French tips. Blue glitter is perfect but add a little gold to that design and you get a little design like this.

This is a stunning oval-shaped long French design with gold and glitter to turn up the design look of these nails.

Blue Oval Long French Tip Nails

Red Glitter Long French Tip Nails

For every cute long french tip nails we need to have at lest one of these colors from red, and pink to white. These are great stunning colors to add glitter with a creative design to and get a nail design that is as cute as this.

Glitter Red with white Flowers Long French Tip Nails

Multicolor and Colorful Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green Long French Tip nails

Square long nails with French tips make for a unique stunning combination don’t you think? anyways this is a look that you don’t see every day one square long French tip nails.

Multicolor Long French Tip Nails

Burgandy Long French tips

Burgandy is a stunning color this is why I made this article about burgundy nails that I know you will enjoy reading plus it has some nice press on fake nails that you can use to get that perfect burgundy nail design all in one place.

Red Long French Tip Nails

Red Gold Square Long French Tips

Square French tips will look great with any color but red nails have their place in the timeline, Like Valentines season and Christmas. Those are the perfect time to great a set of red gold nails.

Red and gold Glitter Long French Tip Nails

Pink Yellow Long V Designed French Tip nails

V Designed French tips need to be on long nails because the v-shaped design only looks great on long nails.

If you have been wanting to get pink and yellow nails try this on.

Yellow and pink French tip long nails

Black Coffin Long French Tip Nails with Diamonds

Cute black French tip Rhinestone diamond nails are simply creative and cute.

Black long French tip nails with rhinestones design

Long Black White Glitter and Crown Square Nails


Long White French tip nails with diamond rhinestones

For every classy elegant place you wish to attend, you will need to have a nail design like this. I love the stunning white nail polish look that comes with these long nails but the diamond silver rhinestones complete the design in every way.

24Pcs Detachable Butterfly Rhinestone French Ballerina False Nails Artificial Coffin Full Cover Fake Nails With Glue.jpg Q90.jpg

Cute Long Square Sugar Glitter Nails

Let’s take sugar glitter to the next level and create cute simple but ultimate French tip long nails that we all can enjoy.


Black white Zebra Coffin Long French Tips

The coffin is long and cute with Zebra French tips, Personally, I completely enjoy looking at this coffin long nails and black and white design. This is what coffin French tips show look like.

71I97Sb0oUL. AC UF10001000 QL80

Swirl Design Black and Blue Long French Tip Nails design ideas

I can guarantee that you have never seen a long french tip nails design like this, from the color combination to the simplicity of the design this black-blue swirl Long French Tip nail was made for great taste.

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Black Square cute Long French Tip Nails Design Idea

There are many different styles that can come with black nails, but styling black French tips is something that takes skills. This black nail design idea is a simple design but the overall look is stunning and creative.

Black long french tips with design full black nails

Double Blue Nails Dark and light blue

Double the blue and get the French tip design of the century. This is a gorgeous tone of blue and it comes in double to create that stunning look.

Blue Cute Long French Tip Nails 1

Holographic Long French tip Design with silver star and rhinestones

Everyone like to try unique nails designs but multicolor and Holographical design and colors is something unique within themselves.

You cant have holographic nails without adding a little extra and this is why these holographic nails have rhinestones.

colorful Long French Tip Nails

Yellow floral French Design Nails

Yellow is another spring/summer color and these French tip yellow nails come with a flower design, cute and simple.

Yellow Flowers Floral Long French Tip Nails

Gorgeous Bright French Tips nails

French tips can also be a great choice for summer, bright summer nails are beautiful cute and ready for all the fun that summer comes with.

Long Ombre Long French Tip Nails

Long Alein Green French tip with Glitter

Halloween nails come in many shapes and shades but alien green is something special. I just love the overall look and creative design.

Alien Green Clover Long Long French Tip Nails

Black and White cow Printed Long French Tip Nails

Cow Printed black and white nails were trending but now they are not. But that doesn’t mean the style and nail idea aren’t great are gorgeous.

Cow-printed nails are still a nail design that I enjoy wearing today. Take a look at how stunning cow-printed nails can look with French Tips.

Black and White cow Printed Long French Tip Nails

Cow Printed French Manicure

Stunning French Tip Long Nails with Pink Outline Black white cute simple design idea. Fall in love with these long French tip nails.

Cow Printed French Manicure

Green Rhinestones Long French Tip Nails

Green Rhinestones and Long French tips will always look amazing together, this is a great reason why you should always try rhinestones with your nails design.

Green Rhinestones Long French Tip Nails

Purple Swirl Long French Designs

Another great swirl French long nails design. If you have been keeping up with nails trends then you know that swirl nails have been coming around real nice.

This is a cute purple swirl design with long French tips.

Long Purple Swirl French Tip Nails

Black Coffin Long Nails with Pink Bow French Tip

Black and Pink go great together and this is a beautiful example of how great black and pink nails will look in combination.

If your looking for great nail color shades these beautiful colors will mix nicely and create a unique design.

Black and Pink Bow Long French Tip Nails

French Tip swirl long pink and white nails

Swirl pink and white nails long French tip design, There are a lot of reasons to get a nice set of pink and white nails, maybe it’s Valentine’s are your just a girly girl and want to wear a nice cute set of pink nails.

Either way, these are a great set of pink Long French Tip Nails.

Pink and white SquareLong French Tip Nails

Green long French design manicure with gold stones

Green and gold make for a unique design in the manicured field this isn’t a nail design combination that you see very often.

This is a great stunning French manicure idea that will be a good fit for St Patrick’s Day or another holiday.

Green and Gold Long French Tip Nails

Best List of Long Stunning French Tip Nails

Get the top list of long French tip nails some with design and some without, French tips have always been a classic and with how elegant French tips can look it’s great to have a creative awesome list of most of the top long tips in different shapes.

Create a French design look that you can wear in summer, winter, fall, and even spring. These French tips are for all seasons and they come with a lot of unique designs like sugar, Glitter, pink and white, and even black.

I even have long floral French tips with rhinestones and cute designs so check them all out.

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