Gorgeous Coffin Acrylic Nail Ideas

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Thinking of getting your nails done but not sure how to design them?  Here are 15 design to help you decide what you want to do. Nail designs are a window to our mood and we express many face with them. When its summer we try bright colors, spring we want light colors, fall darker tones and transition those into winter.

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Nail design is an art and we want to give you as many different option to decide for yourself. We have divide them into 3 parts such as shape, length and theme.  This could really help if you don’t want to wear bright colors to the office. Some office have strict dress policy and that could even be the type of nails you have. Wedding occasion is another popular theme and we want such day to be special for you. 

Wedding Theme Nail Art

Let’s start off with those, your nails don’t have to be classic white. One of the classic option is French tips for wedding and you really can’t go wrong with it, safe and looks beautiful. You can op to other colors such as pastel pink, blue and even red nails.


You can add flower pattern to your nail design that would be boring just plain.


wedding nails

source: instagram/slayedbygrace


Can Halloween nails be cute? Sure they can here are some of the most qualified nail design that is cute. When choosing cute coffin acrylic nails during this scary season will sure make you stand out. You can go for Disney type design.

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Credit : instagram/nailedbyjaxx

Long Party Acrylic nails

Party nails can be as loud as you want, express yourself be free. This type of design is for girls who want to have fun, can even have super long nails. These nails are not practical for everyone but they look beautiful.

blue acrylic nail
long butterfly nail design

Short Nails

Short nails design can be just as fun and pretty great. They are more practical and if you just have a baby may want to go for shorter manicures.

short nails
cute short nail

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