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20 Holographic Nails That Are Simply Gorgeous

20 Holographic Nails That Are Simply Gorgeous

holographic nails

For the modern women that may have been on social media then there is a high chance you have seen Holographic nails. These nail designs are trendy and as we mention they are stunning

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From social media influencers, bloggers, and even maybe your teenage kids are rocking these, everyone!. Holographic nail designs are stunning and have a dazzling look. The looks are inexpensive and they can go with anything, they are also the perfect rave nails.

20 Best Holographic Nails

Pink holographic nails

pink holographic nails almond shape

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I love these stunning almond shape ombre pink nail designs.

Sheer Baby Pink Jelly Holographic

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Glitter are stunning and its a great way to enhance your nail designs. Even holographic nail designs can use some glitter every now and then right?

Pink holographic nails

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Pink are one of those popular colors that will always be around. The holographic powder take ordinary colors to a whole other level.

Holographic chrome nails

holographic chrome nails

There are plenty of chrome nails but nothing stands out more than gorgoues holographic nails. The nails with ths studs are more than eye-catching.

I love Silver Hue Holographic Nail Ideas

holographic chrome nails 2

The next nail design features pink ombre on medium length nails. The design is not too girly so if you are looking for a mature style this is nice.

Holographic tip nails

holographic tip nails

Image via barbbie.nails

This lovely design is dazzling with super cute holographic tip nails.

Holographic tip nails 600x800 1

Image via

Glitter nails have always been a popular top coat for many people. This design has a mix of simplicity but glam and amazing.

Holographic mermaid nails

holographic mermaid nails

Mermaid’s nails are popular and colorful if you want something super sweet. Each nail has something cute and unique color and pattern to them.

Holographic nail designs

holographic ombre nails

Image via paulinaspassions

Holographic ombre nails in purple and some shimmer are gorgeous. You should give this nail design a try for a modest look.

holographic acrylic nails

Image via

Accent holographic nail designs done on coffin shape nails. The holographic nail stands out because of the contrast every other nail around it is solid black.

Black holographic nails

Black holographic nails

Image @paulinaspassions

The square shape nail reminds me of a beautiful galaxy. The multi-color shimmer is stunning and I love that you can do this yourself.

Black holographic nails

Image from Tumblr

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Stilettos’ nails are bold, especially among influencers and celebs. Black holographic glitter nails can look classy and memorable.

Black holographic nails
Black holographic nails

The design features glitter, solid black nails, and holographic nail designs. I think these would look good on any shape nails.

Glitter holographic nails

Glitter holographic nails

Stunning ombre glitter holographic nails for those looking for a short design. You get to play with your favorite colors doesn’t necessarily have to be these two.

Glitter holographic nails

Charming creamy white nails with the stunning, the colors are delicate and pretty. Consider a clear holographic nail polish to make your nails even more amazing.

Coffin holographic nails

Baby Blue coffin Holographic Nails

This blue summer nail ideas in a stunning trendy design. Light blue holographic nail arts can be so adorable when paired with other light colors from your wardrobe.

Blue holographic nails

blue holographic nails

Blue holographic nails with glitter, the style looks professional and mature. If you are looking for workplace nails give this one a try.

White holographic nails

white holographic nails

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White nails are big for weddings but in recent years they have become a popular choice by many people.

white holographic nails

White is another popular color to get your nails in. The clear holographic nail polish gives a shimmer to the nails and the sparkling nails increase the modern aspect of the design.

white holographic nails

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I love the white holographic nails with a soft tone and elegance. You can wear these for special occasions.


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