16 Half Moon Nails for an Elegant Manicure

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There are a few manicures we can appreciate for various reasons and the half moon nails are great for their versatility. These manicures will look good on any shape and length of the nail which is why they are so popular. These half-moon manicure design options are anything but dull they have bold colors and tiny details that make a difference.

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When beautifying your hands, manicures are important and especially good when versatile. The looks are simple but effective and you can design something to match any mood you are in.

Half-moon can be either outline, fill, big or small all depending on your taste. Althought half moon nails may be a classic thanks to social media it has been trending recently. If you want to get into neutral nails these can also help with that.

Matte and Silver

First up we want to share these sophisticated half-moon nail designs. They are done in white and light pink with glitter silver polish as the half moon. The design is elegant and would make a lovely wedding nail idea.

Matte half-moon nails

Image via elina.nails.art

Half Moon Nails White and Clear

Choosing white nails can first appear boring but this half-moon manicure will change your mind. The look is elegant, stunning, and still simple. The moon is created with clear coating polish and the remaining part of the nails are in solid milk white.

The accent nails have pretty triangular rhinestones to elevate the nails.

half moon nails

Black and White Pearly Nails

Pearls have been around in the fashion world for some time. The nails are decorated with six pearls all over them in a straight line. These nail designs are incredibly chic and popular among celebs and other superstars.

half moon nails

Image via betina_goldstein

Neutral Nails

Create a half-moon effect with this simple white polish on the lunula with a white polish. The look is clean and tidy you can pair them with any high school outfit as well.

half moon nails

Image via paintboxnails

Flower Crown Half Moon Manicure

This next design is a little different compared to the others on this list. I love how interesting the flowers make this shape. This is a cute way to create your half-moon nail art design for a feminine touch.

half moon nails

Image via Pinterest.com

Sparkly Rainbow Half Moons

We can all use a little rainbow in our life and this nail art delivers just that. You can enjoy the best of both worlds and the glitter rainbow didn’t overwhelm the design.

Sparkly Rainbow Half Moons

Red Manicure half moon nails

This next look you can enjoy on special romantic nights like Valentine’s day or any season. These nails are bold and stunning and a great alternative to orange polish.

half moon manicures 3126760616

Artist: @shimiziyogo

Natural Nails Half Moon Manicure

The white clear tip contrast with the black and the clear space in between. The design is not only modern but chic as well. The black creates the small half moon shape on each nail, white the more white ombre on the tip.

natural half moon nails 83061399539

Image via gloss_la

Neon Half–Moon Manicure

This manicure is full of vibrant colors which we can use sometimes. If you love neutral nails these neon color is a great way to dip a little into bright colors without going too much in. You can enjoy a design in your comfort zone and also try something new, perfect balance.

half moon

Image from heygreatnails

Double French Manicure

These double french half moon nails bring a fresh take on the classic design. The wine red is a rich and romantic color as well as suitable for the Halloween season.


Image via colourriotnails

White and Grey Half Moon Nails

Here is another combination of french tips and half moon shape nail art. This is a beautiful nd easy manicure you cant attempt to do yourself at home. You will need a grey polish or any color of your choice and a small brush to create the tip and moon shape.


Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have been a popular choice for anyone looking for soft touches. Here the next design has stunning-looking nail art and the silver tip on one finger does stand out.

spring half moon nails

Image via heygreatnails

Tutti fruity Half Moon Mani

This is a simple and easy way to wear half-moon nail designs. Simply add a half-moon shape of your favorite fruit on bare nails.

half moon manicures Tutti fruity298471320

Image via polished_yogi

Soft Purple Nails

Purple has been a mature version of the pink shade. The gold glitter creates the half moon shape and the rest of the nails are done in a solid pastel purple shade.

92752784 151384283044797 3756718362704845540 n

Image via @polished_yogi

Bright Spring Colors

You don’t have to wait on spring to enjoy these lovely colors. Each nail carries its own unique color combination that compliments each other so well.

274084190 121741457081411 8751030940069669061 n

Image via nailartbyqueenie

Color Block Half Moon Nails

If you can’t make up your mind about which color, why not pick two? The classic french manicure combines with the half-moon pop of color. The design also looks effortless with the negative space.

243951034 661860564730342 5946055427963778661 n

Image via aliciatnails

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