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Nails Shape Guide

Nails Shape Guide Nail Shape Guide

Nail shape guide – Thinking about doing your nails but don’t know what shape to go with, well I have the perfect nail shape list just for you. This list has all the nail shapes and I’ll be adding more shapes as they show up, so this is the best list that you will ever need.

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There are a lot of different types of acrylic nail shapes, you can use them for long or short nails but you need to first know what the different nail shapes or, so this is the full list that you can use as a guide, just in case you need a different shape and style to try.

Nails Shape Guide

Everyone has a nail shape that they prefer, some nail shapes you know, and some you have never heard of, either way, these are a few amazing nail shapes that you can try out and you can even mix the shapes and make something new.

This is a photo of all the nail shapes in one place, even though ill list all these nail shapes from start to finish so you will be able to see all these nails design in action.

Nail Shape Guide

Square Nails Shape

Square nails come in long or short nails, it’s really up to you, Square nails come with a Square front, flat and straight but it’s a nice look for the nails and it gives really cool design looks.

Some of the best square nails or the ones that have designs that showcase the square shape of the nails, like this French Tip nails Design. It looks perfect with the square shape at the front, not that it wouldn’t look great with any shape but the square shape really showcases the design.

Square Nail Shape with French Tips Design

The flat top of a square nail has a lot of appeal to it, and this is one of the reasons they are so popular. They give you a really nice looking nail and the acrylic designs you add to the nail will also have a cute look to them because of the shape of the nail.

Round Nails Shape

Round-shaped nails aren’t all that popular and I really don’t know why, because they also have a gorgeous look and appeal. The round shape is one of my favorites because of how cute the tip looks.

Round-shaped nails are most short but that doesn’t mean you can’t have long round shape nails. It just means these round-shaped nails are best for work or other things that need something more simple and cute.

Oval Nails Shape

Oval and round shape nails are the complete same, some people will say otherwise but they look the same in every way. So if you’re looking for some difference between these two shapes you won’t find any.

This is an example of a long round /oval shape nail, this nail doesn’t have any design because the idea is just to show you a guide of all the different shape nails. So these are the two different sizes short and long.

Round Nail Shape

Squoval Nails Shape

Squoval nails have a combination of rounded and square shape nails, the difference is the rounded sides of the tips. Squoval nails are mostly short as well but I’m not saying that they wouldn’t look good tall. It’s just up to you and what you want as I said because this is just a guide it’s all good to mix your nail shape in whatever way you want.

Squoval Nail Shape

Almond Nails Shape

Almond nails have always had that cute shape that everyone wants, and yes this nail shape is named after the Almond nut but even though the shape is the same you can add some really great designs to this nail shape.

Almond Nail Shape

For the best nails design, it’s always best to get the right shape for your nail, because some designs won’t look as great on some shapes. This white design will look great on almost every nail shape because it’s just white nail polish with a few lines.

Still, the almond shape really brings off the look and the appeal of this design.

Stiletto Nails Shape

Stiletto nails are just like stiletto heels, they look nice but they are really not practical. Stiletto nails or the tallest nail shape you can get, but even though they look amazing you really can’t do much with these long nails.

Still, stiletto nails have been known to have some of the best acrylic designs so it’s always good to try them at least once.

Coffin Nails Shape

Coffin nails are probably the most popular nail shape on this list everyone loves to wear coffin nails, maybe the name or just the shape but coffin shape nails have always had a nice look and you can put some really cute designs on them.

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Coffin nails are my top favorite nail shape run to with whenever I need a quick nail design for almost anything.

Lipstick Nails Shape

Lipstick nails aren’t very popular, I am not sure why or if most people don’t know about this type of nail’s shape but it does look great. Lipstick nails have that unique lipstick head shape, it’s pretty cute and long great on either long or short nails.

Lipstick Nails Shape

Flare Nails Shape

I have never understood this nail shape, it has always just looked weird to me, but a lot of people like it and if it works for them you might like it too. still, it can look great if you’re into the wide front or triangle shape of these nails.

Flare Nails Shape

Flare nails are a nice touch if you’re just looking for something different.

Edge Nails Shape

Edge and Arrowhead nail shape looks almost the same, I can’t even tell the difference with them, are if it’s the same nails and it just goes by two different names depending on the person creating or asking about the shape.

Edge Nails Shape

Still, it’s a cool shape and it works so give it a try.

Edge Nails Shape

Arrowhead Nails Shape

This is an example of what an arrowhead nail shape should look like, I can’t tell the difference but they both look cute and can work.

Arrowhead Nails Shape

Mountain Peak Nails Shape

Mountain peak nails kind of look like crow’s feet to me lol, but I still wear them, this is the last nail shape on my list for now but I’ll keep adding more as they come.

Mountain Peak Nails Shape

This is my list of nail shapes, this list will guide you with your choice of nails. So create your nail design using the shape you want. I have used and tried most if not all of these nails shapes and I liked them all, so try them all and see which one you like the most.


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