30 Classy Winter Nails

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If you are looking for classy winter nails that you can recreate at your local salon or shop we have some ideas for you.

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When it comes to winter there are some colors that are more trendy but with this design, we have a wide variety of color schemes. We also have some traditional colors such as white, blue, gold, silver, and other dark colors. There are plenty of colors to choose from with the right design you won’t have any stress.

In this post, we have listed some of the best classy winter nails to choose from or be inspired by. Some of these nails are press-on nails so you can shop them which makes life easy for you.

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Top Classy Winter Nails

First up these nails are elegant with leopard prints which is a good balance. The other nails have its own little small details in soft matte colors.

Classy winter nails

Image Instagram/nailssbykate

Silver Glitter Top Nails

During winter a little sparkle on your nails is always welcome. The silver ombre style is so cute and shiny with a soft delicate look. To make life easy on you this is a press-on nail so it is shoppable to you.

Classy winter nails

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Black, Silver, and White swirls

Swirl nails are such a trend and has been popular and amazing for the past few months. This nail design features black, white and shimmer silver swirls. The nude shade base goes well with every color which makes this winter nail design perfect for any outfit.

Classy winter nails

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Cute and Pretty Glitters

Some of the most elegant nail art is created on coffin shape nails. This look is simple and cute with soft colors and the glitters pop.

Ideas for winter nails

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Elegant Green Nails Tip

Green nails are popular and the green tip and the gold down the stripe. These french tip with a twist as is sloop down the top of the nails. The color of the green get more and more light down to almost white shades.

Ideas for winter nails

Image via fiina_naillounge

Classy Winter Nails For Wedding

If you have a wedding to attend are maybe it is your big wedding day then you will love this next idea. If you like pink nails these are light pink with drawn-on flowers. Almond nails are some of the most elegant shapes you can choose from.

classy winter wedding nails

Image via nailssbykate

Pretty Snowflakes Nail Art

Minimalist designs are trending because not everyone occasion is suitable for bling nails. With these, they can be your everyday nail as well as your fancy nail designs.

pink winter nails

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Winter Nail Ideas with Neutral & dots

Up next this design is simple and the small dots are gold shimmer. This combo looks amazing with gold dots and the shapes are perfect.

Ideas for winter nails

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Ombre Gold Ideas for Winter Nails

These gold holiday nails are so pretty and the star is a lovely winter touch. The holidays are right around the corner so its a good time to get that Christmas nails bling. It is never too early to start planning your design and this gold shimmer ombre design is so cute.

Ideas for winter nails

Image via @nailssbykate

Elegant Nail Idea for Winter

I love this nail because it is giving me everything in a classy form. The length of the nails is perfect and practical for everyday wear. The colors are neutral and which makes it easy for you to rock with anything in your closet.

The design features a translucent base color with a little hint of shimmer on each nail.

Ideas for winter nails

Image via @elina.nails.art

Stunning Christmas Ideas for winter nails

This design features winterberry on a white base, and green nails, and the other stand-out nail has rose gold glitter. These are traditional colors for Christmas so you can embrace your love for the holiday as well as the season.

Ideas for winter nails

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Black and Grey Marble Classy Winter Nails

Marble nail art always has a luxurious look to them and this next idea is no different. This design features two nail ins solid black, and two accent nails with a galaxy marble look.

Classy winter nails

Image source amore_nailsart

Purple Matte Nail For Winter

If you love purple hue then this next design may bring you joy. With two different shades of finish matte and shiny you with a little gold rhinestone.

Classy winter nails

Image via instagram.com/rina_nails_minsk

Classy Gold Winter Nails

Here we have a clear base nail with glittery gold tips and swirls on some fingers. This is another great design that will look good on New Year’s Eve.

gold winter nails

Image via baddiebglamz

Soft Blue Winter Nail Art

Blue nails look good when they reflect beautifully around snow. The two accent fingers feature half moon nails in rhinestone which is quite elegant.

Soft Blue Winter Nail Art

Charming Dark Winter Nails

If you want a more edgy style dark tone nail art that is lovely with lines. The design is pretty and professional as well.

nail ideas for winter

French tips Classy Winter Nails

Ideas for winter nails with a stunning classic look with a modern touch. The light gold shimmer at the bottom of the design is something different than the typical nude polish.

classy winter nails

Image via _mejzi

Milky Pink Classy Winter Nails

We all can use a little soft pink in our life and these milky ones are giving. The design is simple which makes it easy for you to recreate even as a beginner.

classy winter nails

Image via nailssbykate

Elegant Nails With Winter Elements

This next nail idea for winter features snowflakes, and a reindeer on top of soft pink almond nails.

Pretty pink winter nails

Shimmery Pink Winter Nails

Swirly nails are usually most popular during the spring and summer seasons but here is how you can rock them in classy tones.

winter nail ideas

Image via Instagram/nailssbykate

Silver, Pink and White Winter Nail Designs

This next desisn features a unique style on each of these ideas for winter nails.

pretty winter nails

Image via nailssbykate

Classy Winter Nails in Elegant Style

This next design is sophisticated and you should save this for a special even this winter. The desisn features modest color that mix well together.

cute winter nails

Image via amore_nailsart

Short and Pretty Nails

short nail ideas for winter

Image via nail_friendlyyy

Classy Inspired Nails For Winter Fashion

classy nail ideas for winter

Image via  @matuszewsk.a

Joyful Classy Nails For Winter

green Christmas nails

Image via @nailproff.ru

Pink Ombre Classy Winter Nails

pink ombre classy winter nails

Image via nailartbyqueenie

French Tip Ombre Nails

french twist ombre nails

Image via chellys_nails

Ginger bread man

cute classy winter nails 610x857 1

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Chrome Nail Tips

Classy winter nails in chrome french tip design

Image via Elina.Nails.Art

Lovely Nail Art

classy winter nails6 610x746 1

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